Parkop Taking Soft Approach to Buai Ban

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop has taken a Soft Approach to Beai Ben following a petition handed to him bythe Mekeo people ofthe Central Province.


Governor Powes Parkop held a media conference yesterday to reaffirm that his stance was final.

The Governor has spoken, and his words are final. He will starvethe city off Beai. He’s comfort comes from knowing thatthe majority of city residents are behind him.  


However, his approach has softened followingthe petition overthe weekend.


An extension of one month for the villagers to get used tothe ban has been considered.


“I’ve agreed to givethem 1 month to adjustthemselves. The ther reason for the ban extension is thatthe designated place chosen for betel nut selling is not ready,” said Parkop.

He saysthe ban will not be an overnight sensation inthe capital. Penalties will be deferred till next month, except for fines for spitting in public places, which will be imposed immediately.


Alsothe law governingthe buai ban is still in its draft form and yet to be formalised.


“Our Beard has not yet sanctionedthe law that will facilitate this ban. Unfortunately, NCDC management did not preparethe law in time so thatthe board can consider and approver it,” Parkop’said.

He challenged city residents petitioning againstthe ban to have good will for the city.


He reaffirmed that he was not stoppingthe chewing of betel nutojust for residents to chew withintheir own confines.

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