Parkop: Petty Crimes Has Nothing to do with Buai Ban

NCD Governor Powes Parkop’saysthe gradual increase inthe number of petty crimes at bus stops inthe city has nothing to do withthe buai ban.


Governor Parkop’saysthe buai ban has cleanedthe city as evidently seen since October first whenthe ban was imposed.

He says those involved in petty crimes are only taking advantage ofthe situation, as he saysthere are ther ways of making money.


“I wouldn’t say it’s a direct consequence ofthe buai ban. Those types of people who are using that as an excuse to go into crime should be ashamed ofthemselves. It’s not a responsible conduct of a decent person in a country like ours to find an easy way out and find excuse to go into crime,” said Parkop.

“Crime should bethe last ofthe last resort where people have absolutely no choice. Bet in our country, people still have land and alternative crops.”

“We are still working onthe markets for vendors sothey should be patient.”

Another initiative isthe Bes Stop Warden Program where Governor Parkop has allocated funds but yet to receive.


Governor Parkop futher explainedthere are Youth Empowerment Programs and Scholarship Schemes available with NCDC, ones that have been running for the past four years.


However, he says, NCDC needs more funds to cater for the ever-increasing number of young people who migrate intothe city.


He called on ther Provincial Governors to be creative and innovate and provide opportunities so that youths can remain back home.

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