Parkop Announces Total Ban on Buai in NCD

Beai selling and consumption in NCD will cease as of October 1st this year.


The irresponsible acts of both vendors and consumers, andtheir ignorance to potential health risks has forced NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, to put a total ban on buai selling and consumption inthe Nation’s Capital.

“The people are irresponsible,” he said.

“Beai sellers are selling in placesthey are not supposed to&hellipthey have no respect for public space…consumers chew and spit anywherethey want to,” he said.

All aroundthe citythere’s buai markets, buai rubbish, buai spits and stains. It costs NCDC more than K50, 000 a week to clean upthe city.


Mr Parkop’said this irresponsible behaviour portrays a bad image of Port Moresby,the capital city of Papua New Guineatherefore, he is willing to takethe risk.


“It’s a shame for usthe NCD citizens, we are not showing good example to ther centres.”

The buai ban campaign began in January this year, with specific locations designated for buai market alone, but got no positive response fromthe public. Therefore, he said ‘Enough is Enough’.


“I don’t want any more excuses,” said Parkop.

“We may say it is our tradition, but this is notthe case now because we are commercialising buai.”

He added that buai has no hygiene value, no health value, and no nutrition value;the only value it has is putting money into someone else’s pocket.


“Many may disagree with me but it’stheir own fault…ifthey had listened and be responsible, I won’t try to imposethe ban,” said Parkop.

“If you don’t agreethen migrate to ther centres wherethey tolerate irresponsible buai selling and chewing,” he said.

He warned thatthe liability will be onthe carriers.


PMV owners, Air Service providers, and Shipping Merchants will have to paythe fine for transporting buai into Port Moresby.


“You transportthe buai, you paythe fine,” he said.



A final decision onthe ban is yet to be recommended bythe National Executive Council.


Present to withnessthe announcement was Member for Moresby North-West and Health Minister, Michael Malabag; Moresby South MP and Minister for Sport and Pacific Games, Justin Tkatchenko; NCDC Acting City Manager Leslie Alu; NCD Police Metropolitan SuperintendentoAndy Bewa; andthe NCDC Beard members.

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