Parents Of 5year Old Rape Victim Lose Hope In Justice System

By Rachael Shisei – EM TV News, Madang

She is 5 years old, a child, a minor, and was kidnapped and raped by two adult men.

It’s been four months of coming and going to the police station to seek assistance to bring the suspects to justice, which they deserve.

“Our case has been dragged on for four months now. We used our own money to come and go and when we run out, we walk to the station and back because we want justice for what was done to our baby,” the child’s father said.

The Madang Provincial Council of Women was very supportive of the couple when they sought help.

The Provincial Council of Women’s President, Mary Kaman, wrote a letter to the Provincial Police Commander at the time, who is now the outgoing PPC, to make sure justice is brought to the suspects.

One of the suspects was arrested, released, arrested again, and whether he was released again, or if his accomplice has also been arrested is yet to be confirmed by the police at this time.

The suspects are known.

“This law & order service, and the much talked about human rights clearly does not apply to those of us in the villages, it must’ve been created only for the rich who have money. I say this because that’s how I feel after this experience,” the child’s father continued.

The rape of the little girl may be related to other incidents to do with the child’s parents, but according to representatives of organisations Against Sexual Violence especially on minors, that doesn’t give any right for these adult men to sexually abuse this child and cause severe internal injuries to her.

Medical reports proved that she was lucky to be rushed to the hospital in time to be saved, or she’d have died, especially after being abused for two days.

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