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October 22, 2021
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Ox and Palm Returns to Fiji After 10 Year Ban

By Fidelis Sukina – EMTV News, Port Moresby


A ten-year ban on Ox and Palm has been lifted, after a company from Fiji has come to Papua New Guinea to clarify the issue on Ox and Palm being a biosecurity risk to Fiji.

After having witnessed the production and process of Ox and Palm, 13 stores in Fiji will now be selling all the four brands of Ox and Palm, the red, blue, orange and Barbecue.

Look again closely, no that is not PNG’s Ox and Palm.

And yes it does have close similarities like the red label and the signature ribbon logo the name also Ox and Ford sounds catchy.

That is what the “Tru Buli Bif of PNG” is up against in the Fijian Market, our Melanesian Brothers and sisters have finally welcomed back PNG’s Tru Buli Bif back on to their shelves after knocking it back for 10 years, and banning the product because of strict quarantine and quality control issues.

The quality control issues have been resolved after several trips to Fiji and by the Fijians to our factory, Fiji’s Carpenters Limited through Hedstrom Supermarket group is partnering with the Kraft Heinz Hugo Canning to distribute Ox and Palm through their 13 stores nationwide.

But why the Fijian Market? well we import Fiji Water and other products, why not send our best products to Fiji, and of course, to expand the market in the Pacific, we have Vanuatu and Solomon Islands already enjoying the Ox and Palm brand, let’s have the whole Melanesia and Pacific enjoy the finer taste of canned premium beef.

All the cans are available currently on Fijian Store Shelves, with the Red, Blue, Orange and Ox and Palm Beef in Hedstrom Supermarkets throughout Fiji.

But it’s the Ox and Palm Orange that is selling faster than the others, but sooner or later, the taste of blue and red will surely kick in.

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