Overcrowding and Lack of Facilities a Major Concern for College

In response to the government’s demand to produce 5, 000 teachers annually, Gaulim Teachers College in East New Britain Province, is now faced with the issue of overcrowding.

For this year alone, the college enrolled more than 700 students.

This is more than the college’s required capacity of 500. 


Established in 1970, Gaulim is one of the two teachers colleges in East New Britain.


The college trains and graduates over 200 primary school teachers


Students here are faced with some of the worst learning conditions.


The classrooms have no proper desks and chairs, the building conditions are worsening daily and students have very little access to internet services.


These girls’ dormitories were built before independence and have since, been left to deteriorate.


It has 14 rooms and can only accommodate 28 students.


However, due to increase in its intakes, the students are bunking up four to a room.


The only recent development to these dormitories is the changing of the roofs. 


One of the two latest dormitories in the school was built by the European Union in 2011.


It may look spacious on the inside but the students are deprived of their privacy. 

Overcrowding and lack of building facilities still remains a major concern for the college.

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