Opposition thanks Speaker anPM

The Opposition heaped praises onthe Speaker Theo Zurenuoc for proving parliament’s independence and democracy.

They thanked him for grating leave to Opposition leader Belden Namah to seek clarification on Friday’s proceedings and also ask his questions.

They also thankedthe Prime Minister for providing a favourable response totheir questions.

Yesterday was a daythey triumphedtheir questions entertained and a favourable response received fromthe Chief Executive ofthe country.

They said as a minority group,they have madetheir voices heard andthey will continue to pursue issues of national interest.

He also called on all media outlets to report issues of national interest without fear or favour.

He saysthe decision taken by Speaker to allow him to seek clarification on last Friday’s proceedings andthen allowed to ask questions was a step inthe right direction and commended Mr Zurenuoc for his approach.

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