Opportunists Start Fight To Loot Shops

Two men were injured after opportunists trlied tobreaknto shops adjacent tothe Gordons Market yesterday.


A fight between staff ofthe shops and opportunists erupted after bus drivers stopped services when an area used as a bus stop was sealed off with iron poles.

Opportunists alleged thatthe area was taken over bythe Asian shop owners next tothe make shift bus-stop, and trlied to ransackthe buildings.


That sparked an intense clash between shop staff andthe opportunists.


Police arrived atthe scene to scare offthe opportunists and calmthe situation.


The clash erupted after buses refused to pick up passengers here when it was sealed off.


It was alleged that NCDC workers planted poles to seal offthe area. A student who capturedthe clash on his mobile said opportunists trlied to take advantage ofthe situation.


The clash had affected many students’and workers duringthe morning’s rush hour. Many turned up ether late or went home.


Police maintained its presence throughoutthe day to ensurethere was no futher trouble.


Gordons Market andthe surrounding vicinity has been a hot spot for opportunity crime for many years.


Despite efforts by NCD Governor Powes Parkop,the NCDC, andthe Police to addressthe issue, opportunity crime keeps rearing its ugly head.

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