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May 29, 2020
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One of Madang’s Triplets Dies of Infections

by Rachel Shisei – EM TV, Madang

One of the triplets born at Madang’s Modilon Hospital last month has passed away on Wednesday from severe septic infections.

The Nursery Manager, Terry Alois, says the little one, the boy born with two girls was diagnosed as having a late-onset neonatal sepsis, leading to the condition of severe sepsism, causing his death.

Mr Alois says the blood poisoning or sepsis build up is due to the infant being exposed to infections around it after birth, and not from the mother who is as healthy as can be.

“The nursing officers on duty and myself did everything possible but the infant left us. It was a very sad moment not only for the mother, but for us nursing officers as well,” he says.

EMTV did a story when the triplets were born during a period of constant power outages, stating the nursery staffs’ concern that this may affect the oxygen concentrators and affect the lives of new born babies.

Soon after that, the power supply was constant at the hospital, which is good news for the nursery.

However, Mr Alois says the triplets have been sharing the oxygen flow from only one oxygen concentrator which is very dangerous, because all babies need the right amount of oxygen individually.

This is because previous constant power outages have been causing the malfunction of a lot of oxygen concentrators, dumped in the workshop.

An appeal is going out to the general public to help support the nursery in whatever ways they can, so more babies like this triplets can be saved.

Meantime, the two remaining baby girls have been placed on their mother’s breast for the first time yesterday for warmth.

For now, they are doing okay.

To learn more about Sepsis, you can visit www.sepsisalliance.org/sepsis_and/children/ or ask your Doctor, Nurse or Medical professional to share more information.

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