Olsem Wanem Episode – 4, 2014

In this episode:


In this episode we feature the Minimum Wage Board and people’s views on the national minimum wage. Citizens face the everyday challenges of making ends meet financially…but the ends never seem to meet at all.

We also feature unions, issues surrounding taxation and look at how you can be a member of a union as well as where you can seek assistance regarding your working condition.

Over the years, the minimum wage in Papua New Guinea has experienced reforms and changes. Papua New Guinea’s minimum wage was last reviewed in 2008 and was handed down in 2009. The national wage rate was then set at K2.29 per hour.


Since then the national minimum wage has remained untouched for the last 6 years. In October last year, 2013, a newly appointed board began a series of public hearing, with a mission to finalise its findings and pass them on to the National Executive Council in January 2014.


Public hearings are continuing into this important matter on minimum wage.

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