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Olsem Wanem – Episode 29, 2016

In this episode:

We discuss the issue of people in rural areas struggle daily walking for miles to collect water for their families to use and how development partners in PNG such as the International Organization for Migration, the European Union and USAID have been working in close collaboration with rural communities such as in Jiwaka and Enga Provinces to bring water services to them.

Villages in Nondgul District of Jiwaka and Kandep District of Enga Province are beneficiaries of boreholes thanks to IOM, EU and USAID. These boreholes have proven to be benefiting the locals as well as easing the burdens of searching for clean water.

We also talk about the big gap dividing the urban areas from the rural areas in terms of accessibility to clean water.

According to various reports published on access to clean safe water, nothing was reported on the number of people dying from unsafe water consumption in urban areas.

However, the reports stated that hundreds are dying annually in rural areas of PNG due to the consumption of unclean water.

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