Oil Leaks From Queenship

Oil is reported to have leaked from one of Rabaul Shipping’s vessels – the MV Solomon Queen.

The burnt vessel has been washed to shore on the coastline of Hahela, in Buka.

Fabian Hakalits reports that authorities have remained silent on this issue that has already threatened marine life.

We may wonder what has happened to MV Solomon Queen, one of Rabaul Shipping’s vessels.

The ship was grounded at Buka Wharf, following the MV Rabaul Queen, sea incident along the Morobe waters in 2012.

No proper explanation from the Rabaul Shipping Management angered several people who guarded the vessel, and set the queen ship and other two copra boats on fire.

The burnt ship was left floating along the Buka Passage, until it found its resting place.

Now that locals frequent that area, oil has been reported to leak from that vessel.

The strong current connecting the Buka Passage has forced the MV Solomon Queen to rest at the coastline of Hahela.

Several parts of the ship have also been washed to shore.

It was high tide, so we couldn’t move further up to film the oil spill, but could see the substance floating on the sea.

The ship wreckage seems unnoticed and unknown to relevant authorities on the ground, including its owner, Peter Sharp.

The oil spill could destroy the marine environment with possibilities to affect the food chain including the people.

All relevant sources to this story were unavailable.

This is not the only ship found in Bougainville waters; others also include the MV Sankamap 1 and a big cargo ship.

Meanwhile since Rabaul Shipping Company pulled out on servicing Bougainville, this has caused difficulties to passengers using sea transport as their means, traveling through Rabaul, Kimbe and Lae.

No choice but to travel via air.

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