OBE Resources will Continue to be Used in Schools

By Florence Jonduo – EM TV, Port Moresby

The government and the education department have decided to kick out Outcomes Based Education (OBE) from the education system in the 2015 academic year.

This week is the first week of the 2015 academic year for state schools, and according to some primary school teachers it will take some time to completely erase the OBE in the education system in Papua New Guinea.

Mrs Julia Ulitaia, headmistress of Coronation Primary School, in an interview with EM TV admitted that to date no new teaching materials have been supplied by the Department of Education for the new curriculum.

She added that it will take some time to completely switch from OBE to the new curriculum, Standards Based Education (SBE).

Backing her was another teacher, Mr Joel Lai, who said the OBE syllabus will still be used until SBE syllabuses are supplied to schools by the Department of Education.

General Secretary of the PNG Teachers Association, Mr Ugwalubu Mowana said the move to change the education curriculum is a positive move.

He however aired his concern that for any major shift in the education system, awareness, advocacy and training should come first before any interventions are to take place. 

This will help teachers and students transition and adapt from one system to another.

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