O’Neill/Namah Accusations and Counters continue

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Accusations and counters between Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Opposition Leader Belden Namah, continued overthe weekend.

This time, Mr Namah held a news conference to describe the PM as a security threat that’s in response to Mr O’Neill’s reference to the opposition as liars.

Sunday afternoon and the opposition decided to hold a media conference at the Leaders residence in Gordons.

Belden Namah brushed aside suggestions by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill that issues raised by the opposition are all lies.

Mr Oneill made the statements during a media conference last week.

Mr Namah challenged Mr O’Neill to take him to court. He says he has facts and evidence that would uncover unresolved inquires against the PM.

The opposition saysthe Prime Minister is an internal security threat because he doesn’t stand for ordinary Papua New Guineas but for the corporate Giants.

Mr Namah is challengingthe Prime Minister to a security assessment test.


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