O’Neill: Infrastructure is the biggest issues the country face

Papua New Guinea’s roads are in a major state of disrepair and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has reiterated his promise last week Thursday (21/06/12) to commit seven-billion-kina to build better roads and highways when re-elected.

He said infrastructure is the biggest issues the country faces.

Mr O'Neill said that while good road systems were of huge benefit to the country’s development, they were also there to benefit the people and needed to be in the best possible condition.

He said road safety is a must in our country and a priority for the literally hundreds of thousands of people travelling on our pot hole littered highways and roads each and every day, but when you have a public transport system that is already stretched and our PMV's are being overloaded, speeding and in some cases being driven by drunk drivers, it is a recipe for disaster. 

He added that it is the investment into our roads, into public transport, and into the police that will fix these issues.

 Mr O’Neill said when elected as PM he will make sure the public transport system will be reviewed including how PMV's are allowed to operate on our roads.  

New Laws will be placed where the police will have additional powers to fine speeding vehicles and also start targeting drink driving in our country, said O’Neill.

And one of the first things he intend doing after the elections is to implement new police and road safety campaigns backed by ten-million-kina funding to ensure these programs get started.

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