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North Fly Count

After count number 8, the results show sitting MP and PNC member Boka Kondra lead with 1, 284 votes.

Coming in at almost 400 hundred votes behind is businessman in Kiunga and United Party's candidtate, Paiyo Bale, with 817 votes.


Third spot is David Wambi, an Independant candidate with 699 votes.


From the ballot boxes only from the North Fly Area, the Regional seat has seen PNG Party member James Ukin lead with 1084 votes while Independent candidate Paul Wasi with 667. PNC man and former District Planner, Maneseh Kambong, is in third place with 637. These results are subject to change when the overall progressive results from Middle and South Fly are processed.


In the meantime, leading the provincial Seat as of Count 9 yesterday, is sitting Governor Dr. Bob Danaya with 4, 475 votes, followed by People's United Assembly Party man Ati Wobiro with 759 and Independent candidate Modola Sama with 649 votes.


Results for Middle and South Fly are yet to be finalised.

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