No Proper Voco Point Fish Market Facility

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When Charles Ray lost his right arm in an altercation with a security company, he was forced to leave his ExxonMobil job.

Going to court with the security company meant he needed to raise money. His family started selling fish at Voco Point to pay for legal bills.

Charles’ story brings to light the need for a proper fish market facility.

“I stress a lot about the hygiene, because we have very good customers that come here,” says Charles.

Last year, it was made known that the Voco Point area was going to be dredged and transformed into a proper facility for maritime communities.

It’s understood that a Chinese contractor was to do the construction, but work has stopped.

Today it remains the same, market stalls are still makeshift huts and much of the selling is done in the open.

For Charles, his family and others selling at Voco Point, they can’t wait for a provincial government that hasn’t delivered; they need to make an income.

The people are engaging in small to medium enterprises, but still need the support from all levels of government to grow.

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