No LO’s Fly In & Out: Maru

This was stressed out by Minister for Trade, Commerce andIndustry Richard Maru, upon his visit to Angore on Wednesday.

Minister Maru’saidthe Business Development Grants will be delivered tothem as promised.

The BeG fell underthe Planning and Finance departments but will now come under Trade, Commerce andIndustry Department.

It will now revisit umbrella companies, board members and chairmen of resource projects operate.

The Ministersaid this management would be charged with identifying contracts and particular businesses, where landowners will be fully engaged, underthe funding ofthe Business Development Grants to establish spin-off businesses.

However, this announcement amongst thers was not taken in well. Despite this, Mr Maru’said Hela which contributes 88% of LNG has nothing to show for.

He saidthe cabinet will address issues such as housing for landowners.

Bernadette Efi, National EMTV News

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