Protests are Not Approved

By Adelaide Kari – EM TV News, Port Moresby

Protests will not be held in the nation’s capital on Monday, says NCD and Central Divisional Commander, Sylvester Kalaut.

This afternoon he announced that no approval was given for any protest and police will not allow certain groups to disrupt public peace.

Kalaut said any protest being held in a public area; protesters will be arrested and charged for unlawful assemblies.

Commander Kalaut stated that police would ensure public safety and any protest without the approval from the peace and good order committee.

This comes after a notice by the civil society and apparently the UPNG students, which was posted on social media, calling on schools in NCD to suspend classes on Monday and to meet at the Unagi oval to hold a peaceful protest.

However, UPNG SRC has denied that they will be staging a protest on Monday and the notice was not authorised by them.

Kalaut says these posts have now caused anxiety amongst the public and police will be out in full force.

UPNG SRC is currently trying to hold referendum to see whether or not to stage a protest.

EMTV News asked Commander Kalaut if the UPNG students did apply to hold a peaceful protest after the referendum, and would the student be able to hold a peaceful protest.

He said if all legal processes are followed, and they apply, approvals could be given but with conditions placed.

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