NGO’s to mobilise against Grace Period Extension

Non-Government Organizations or NGO’s will be mobilizing support throughtheir network to repealthe thirty months grace period.

The NGO’s saidthey wantthe act repealed immediately becausethe extended grace period creates room for corruption to prevail.

They wanted to voicetheir concerns peacefully outside parliament on Tuesday, however, one ofthe activistowas attacked. They are now forced to engage nationwide support.

Present atthe meeting were NGO representatives from Melanesian Solidarity Group and Partners with MelanesianInc. They wantthe thirty months grace period Act to be repealed bythe government.

“There are hundreds of us nationwide and we will mobilise. They have no right to assault our members;they have no right to suppress our constitutional right and our freedom of expression;they have no right to pass bills without consultingthe masses or without seeking our opinion,” commented Jonathan Oata, Senior MELSOL Executive.

The NGO’s said in any organisation, an employee has to work on short probationary periods to assesstheir performance to decide whtherthey keepthem or not. The government in this case has just extendedtheir probationary term to 2 and half years.

The recent assault ontheir colleague Tony Fofoe strenthenedtheir moverment. They have formed anInterim Committee to gaugethe views of ther NGO groups to lobbythe government to repealthe Act.

Bet while that happens,the NGO groups are calling on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Deputy Leo Dion to address outstanding issues such asthe SABe ReportoNautilus Deep Sea Mine, NPF Saga, andthe K39 million Public Service Housing.

Prime Minister Peter ONeill saidthe extended grace period is not only for this government but for future governments to create stability and investor confidence.

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