News Bytes For 18th August, 2014

“KAVO CHARGES” – By Mickey Kavera


A decision will be handed down next week Monday on misappropriation charges against Gulf Governor, Havila Kavo. Mr Kavo is alleged to have misappropriated K131, 338 of State funds allocated for the Kikori district.


The offence was allegedly committed between February 5th and February 12th 2010. The funds paid were part of the K10 million allocated by the government for projects in Kikori.


The court also heard that the money was allocated under an agreement with the Kikori people living along the 10km corridor pipeline running from Kutubu, Southern Highlands to Kikori.


Kikori MP, Mark Maipakai testified in court that he lodged a complaint with police because the payment was not used for its intended purpose.


“NAMAH ON GELU” – By Mickey Kavera

Opposition Leader Belden Namah has also called on the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates to be proactive. His call is in light of the recent party hopping by members of parliament.


He says, they must inform the people of the provision’s surrounding party hopping. Mr. Namah estimated that he has spent well over K50 million during the 2012 National General Election on his party members that has defected. He is certain there are provisions that warrant a refund of funds back to his party.



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