New Year Police Operations Throughout Port Moresby

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By Theckla Gunga – EM TV News, Port Moresby

While thousands in Port Moresby have welcomed 2016 with excitement and hopes to live better lives, a public servant will remember the first hours of January first differently.

During the New Year Police patrol with the Dog Unit, EMTV News has captured what is believed to be the first road accident in 2016.

The incident involved a government registered vehicle and happened minutes after midnight on the freeway next to Gordons market.

The first police officers at the scene estimated that the incident had occurred just after midnight.

The public servant believed to be under the influence of liquor was travelling towards Erima from Gordons when he had the accident.

When EMTV News arrived at the scene, about 20 minutes after the accident, traffic officers were fixing the back tyres which had come off when the accident occurred.

The vehicle was later towed to the Boroko Traffic Office.

Apart from the normal operations, the Dog Unit did special operations including food beat patrols and random checks on vehicles.

Searches were also conducted on men where the unit believed were drunk, and alcohol removed from their possession.

The unit patrolled Gerehu, Waigani, Morata and the Hohola residential areas.

While patrolling the Five Mile Area, the unit arrived in time to prevent what could have been a car theft.

The unit then chased the suspect into the Five Mile settlement area both on foot and on vehicle. The suspect got away but police were able to deter the car theft.

As of 2am, there were no major crimes reported to the Dog Unit.

Theckla Gunga

graduated with an Arts Degree from the University of Papua New Guinea, with majors in Journalism and Public Relations. Her passion in news gathering lies in reporting on Crime and Court stories. She is into her third year reporting with EMTV and loves the challenge of being in a once male dominated field.

Theckla Gunga

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