New Oil and Gas Discovered in Gulf Seas

A new oil and gas discovery has been made inthe seas ofthe Gulf Province.


Gulf Governor Havila Kavo describedthe discovery as stepping stone for better days to come for his people.

Mr. Kavo told his people Gulf will becomethe leading resource province inthe country and investors will be flocking in very soon tothe township.


The governor was in Kerema town overthe weekend and launched road projects worth over 80 million kina.


Hundreds gthered in Kerema town to welcomethe Governor,the Works Department andthe Road Contractor – CIVPAC.


Governor Kavo in his keynote speech told his people aboutthe new oil and gas discoveries off-shore. The discovery is about 100 kilometres off-shore from Kerema town.


He said this new finding will attract investors and developers intothe province and urgedthe people, particularlythe landowners to welcomethe new developments.


The governor saidthe Elk and Antelope Gas fields will becomethe second LNG project.


The provincial government is pushing that a processing plant be constructed inthe province so thatthe people benefit directly fromtheir resources.


He urged his people to work with him and come up with constructive development agendas to bring tangible services and goods tothe province.

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