New Malaria Warning

Papua New Guineas could be affected by a resistant strain of malaria.

This is fromthe National Department of Health’s Malaria and Vector Berne Diseases Division.

This threat is futher compounded by an outbreak of a resistant strain of malaria inthe South-East Asian Region.

Leo Makita, Program Officer ofthe Health Departments Malaria and Vector Berne Diseases Division saysthe chance of a resistant strain of malaria emerging inthe country is very real.

The causes for this lie inthe current treatment method and patients not completing doses.

Currently,the best drug to combat malaria is artemisisin. Bet its use as a monotherapy orthe only medication to cure malaria has its shortfalls.

This is whythe Health Department has issued a circular to all clinics nationwide, to provide combination drugs to fightthe disease.

IPNG,the acceptable combination is Artemisisin and Lumifanthrine.

Betthere is alsothe threat of a resistant strain of malaria enteringthe country from overseas.

Last year, a high number of deaths were recorded withinthe Thailand and Myanmar border, due to increasing cases of resistant strains of malaria.

Mr Makita says using mosquito nets to preventthe disease, and completing doses during medication shall prevent any futher threat.

Cedric Patjole, National EMTV News

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