New HB Shooting Video Revealed

By Vasinatta Yama – EM TV News, Port Moresby

Never before seen amateur footage of the Hanuabada shooting has come to light nearly one year after the incident.

It initially shows armed police in uniform blocking the road, after which gun shots can be heard and the two victims laying on the ground surrounded by helpless villagers.

It shows a parked white tinted Land Cruiser and behind it, armed men in what appears to be police uniform.

Sticks, stones and roofing iron lay everywhere displaying signs of a roadblock, with people shouting at the Police.

From the voices heard, you can sense anger and hatred from the villagers.

All of a sudden, more than 10 gun shots were fired as people looked for safe places to hide, with some running into the sea.

After the Police left, mothers, children, elders and youth at Hanuabada gather around the two victims.

They are 36 year old, late Nicholas Rarua and 29 year old Toka Gaudi. The video shows villagers applying pressure to the two men’s gunshot wounds.

One was shot from behind, and the other was shot through his stomach.

However, from initial Police reports presented in May this year, the bullet fragment removed from late Nicholas was never connected to any Police firearm that was tested.

But one of the empty shells retrieved from the crime scene matches a firearm allocated to Hohola Police.

Also from findings, six Police Units were involved in the incident including the NCDC Reservist unit.

Nine months after the shooting in January, a new investigation team was appointed, and pledged to arrest officers involved in the shooting by end of this year.

This has yet to happen.

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