New face make up Vice-Minister’s list

Twelve Members of Parliament, mainly new faces to the house make up the list of Vice Ministers in the O’Neill/Dion Government as announced yesterday.

During the Swearing-In at Government house y, the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said Vice Minister will get added responsibilities.The Vice Ministers Include member for Moresby North East Labi Amaiu as Vice Minister for Sport and Pacific Games, Sohe MP Delilah Gore for Treasury, Karimui Nomane Open MP Mogerema Wei for Agriculture and livestock, Chuave MP Wera Mori for Mining, Gisuwat Siniwin as Vice Minister for Education, Henganofi MP Robert Atiyafa for Foreign affairs and Immigration, Kainantu Open Johnson Tuke for Public Enterprises and State Investment, Manus Open Ronny Knight for Trade commerce and Industry,  Menyama Open Benjamin Philip for Finance,  Nuku Mp Joe Sungi for Provincial and Local level government, and Mendi Open MP De Kewanu for works and Implementation.

Jame Lagea was not present to be sworn in but he is the Vice Minister for Health.

It was noted that most of the vice ministers were rookies on the political front but according to Prime Minister O’Neill they hold relevant experience that will enable them to carry out their various functions.

The opposition has also released its appointment of Shadow ministers; they include the opposition leader himself Belden Namah, Sam Basil, Dr Allan Marat, Joseph Lelang, Tobias Kulang, Francis Marus, Lucas Dekena, Francis Potape, Daniel Mona, Ross Seymour Malakai Tabar, Lauta Atoi, Ludwig Schultz and Jeffery Kuave.

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