New City Road Cracks: Signs of Failure

This has forced part ofthe new freeway to be closed.

This isthe section ofthe new freeway oppositethe Five Mile Settlement onthe verge of failure.

When EMTV News visitedthe site, a section had been dug out already.In it huge pools of water, which could well bethe cause.

A futher 50 meters away, a crack as long as 30 metres runs through almost both lanes.

Settlers here say beforethe road construction began, this area belowthe new freeway was not properly cleared of rubbish and gardens before it was sealed. They allege this could bethe cause ofthe failure.

The road project was awarded to Hebou construction bythe National Capital District Commission at just over K30 million.

Project Manager Leigh Dever saidthe problem was not a reflection of Hebou’s work.

Mr Dever saidthey have already spoken with NCDC and Eda Ranu. A third Party will be making an assessment before any futher work is done.

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