Neglected Waste Continues

By Tokana Hasavi Jr – EM TV, Port Moresby

The neglect of rubbish and bad sewerage systems of two state institutions, have become daily eyesores for the past year.

Two weeks ago, the Port Moresby General Hospital and the University of Papua New Guinea’s Medical School, debated over who should take responsibility of these health hazards.

It’s a debate that seems to have no end in sight.

The rubbish still neglected and uncollected; improper drainage and sewerage systems are still evident and the recent rainfall in the City has resulted in the uncollected rubbish getting washed down the road.

Glennis Rai, a second year student in Medicine said she’s had enough of these eyesores.

“It’s a disappointment that the nearby community, residents including children and students bear witness to these hazards every day” Ms Rai said.

The root of the debate between the Hospital and University of Papua New Guinea, is simple.

Port Moresby General Chief Executive Office, Grant Muddle, says the hazards are not on the Hospital’s land while the UPNG Administration says otherwise.

UPNG Physical Facilities Management Acting Director, Vele Kila, explained that the waste water spillage that occurred two weeks ago originated from Hospital staff houses, which makes POM General Hospital responsible for the sewerage upkeep – that’s the same story for the rubbish.

Since the publication of the neglect to collect the rubbish, and rectify deteriorating drainage and sewerage systems, EM TV has received correspondence from Grant Muddle.

However, the University’s hierarchy, including Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Subba Rao and Acting Vice Chancellor, Vincent Malaibe, have pledged to hold talks with the POM General Hospital management to resolve these issues.

Professor Subba Rao, said a letter will be written to POM General Hospital CEO, Grant Muddle, to rectify the existing health hazards.

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