NCD Residents commend plans for road development

However,they are more concerned withthe possibility of an eviction. Many ofthem have livedthere over thirty years.

The Kookaburra overpass road will run fromthe existing airport roundabout to a new round about that will be created atthe junction of John Guise Drive and Magani Crescent.

Some markers placed by NCDC’s surveyors are so close to some of residential homes just beyond Kookaburra Street. Heaoa Hape and his family ownthe landthey are settled on. Though he welcomesthe government’s plans, he is worrlied he may be asked to mover.

An overpass is road structure that will be built on cement pillars. Though it will run overhead, a lot of land will be cleared to accommodatethe infrastructure. The settlement here is located onthe back road leading tothe Arts Theatre. Many families here have lived for more than three decades, butthey’ve been given notice to evacuate. Alex Kapesiya is a community leader. He understands whythey are being asked to mover, but is concerned wherethe three thousand plus people living here will be moverd to.

The people fromthe Arts Settlement have been evacuated to accommodatethe overpass. Some have moverd to this settlementohowever not for long.

The government’saysthe overpass will be a masterpiece construction by New Zealand Company Hawkin PNG Ltd. It will improver traffic flow.

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