NCD Police Dog Unit Facilities Rundown

By Vasinatta Yama – EM TV Port Moresby

The NCD Police Dog Unit Barracks is run down due to a lack of maintenance work.

Despite bad conditions, Dog Unit Commander, Leuth Nidung, says it does not stop them from performing their duties.

The Dog Unit Police Barracks is located at Bomana, outside of Port Moresby. The structures were built around 1968, long before Papua New Guinea gained independence, and has not been maintained or renovated since.

It has leaking roofs, drain blockage and the dog kennels are rundown.

Although the instructors and handlers of the service dogs are well-trained and meet current world standards, the condition and area they are living and working in is of low quality.

The low quality and the way the dogs are being treated has drawn strong condemnation from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Papua New Guinea Inc. (RSPCA).

These dogs are no ordinary dogs; they are well-trained, and efficient in the work they do for the state. The German Shepard Dogs have a general purpose duty of tracking down offenders and assisting with crowd control, whilst the Labradors do drug, firearm and explosives sniffing.

It usually takes seven to eight months to fully train these dogs to work with their own handlers.

To buy just one dog overseas will cost roughly K18,000. These dogs are not getting enough hours of vital service and have less exercise per each day due to these rundown facilities.

Dog Unit Commander Nidung has great ideas to adopt overseas dog kennels and have them built here. All he needs now for his dogs is to get help from the government and the police hierarchy.

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