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NCD Metsup cracks the whip against corrupt cops

By Elizah Palme – EMTV Online 

Rough cops in the National Capital District (NCD) will now be facing tougher actions, as Chief Superintendent Perou N’Dranou reiterates Papua New Guinea Police Commissioner’s intentions to weed out corruption in the Constabulary (RPNGC).

NCD Metropolitan CSP N’Dranou says tougher action would be taken against members of the Constabulary who abuse their powers and authority while performing their duties. This was said whilst the Police Chief re-emphasised Commissioner Baki’s intention to weed out corruption and abuse within the Constabulary.

In compliance with the Commissioner’s directive, the Metsup has now put in place a team comprised of detectives, mobile squad members and officers of the Internal Affairs Directorate who will monitor, detect and arrest members of the Constabulary who step out of line.

While Commissioner Baki is contemplating launching this clean-up operation as part of the Constabulary’s restorative effort, Metsup N’Dranou has set the ball rolling at the NCD command level, by effecting the arrest of four policemen implicated in various serious offences over the past three weeks.

CSP N’Dranou said this special team headed by OIC of the Gordon Minor Crimes Unit Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry has so far arrested two policemen over allegations of receiving K50,000.00 bribe from suspected Asian operatives in Port Moresby and two others for committing armed robbery, attempted murder and wounding four civilians recently.

He said the Gordon Minor Crimes unit was specifically selected and integrated into this special task force because they have in the past successfully arrested and prosecuted four other policemen over a series of crimes including armed robbery, aiding a prisoner to escape from lawful custody, wounding and official corruption. According to Mr N’Dranou, these four rogue ex-members of the Constabulary are now serving jail terms ranging from 1-7 years.

The Metsup said the aim of this special operation code-named “Policing the Police” was aimed at restoring public trust and confidence in the Constabulary by weeding out bad elements. He said allegations of police abuses and corruption exposed through the various forms of media were frequently undermining the good intentions and efforts of the Constabulary and as such, the RPNGC management is now taking corrective measures.

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