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NCD Governor Parkop’s Campaign to Clean Up Port Moresby Continues

By Meleasie Goviro – EMTV News, Port Moresby

NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s campaign to clean up Port Moresby before the APEC Summit progresses by the week, but more responsibility is expected from city residents.

The NCD Governor says while he has done his part in building the city, it is now incumbent on city residents to be more responsible with their litter and reducing law and order problems.

“I am doing my part, the government is doing its part; in terms of infrastructure and services, we are going to absolutely improve them…but it’s also incumbent on our people, to do their part.” said Governor Parkop.

In the lead up to APEC major developments have taken place in the capital city, including the rehabilitation of existing roads and infrastructure. During the week (July 10) the Governor launched two major projects; The Independence Boulevard Precinct and the Stage 2 of the Ela Beach Precinct. 

The pressing concern now is litter, and more abundantly, plastic waste and betelnut spittle; all over the city, and fast creeping onto the shores of the APEC Haus down in Ela Beach.

“Today (July 10), I was out with the people from Moresby South [Electorate]. We have been cleaning up [Ela Beach] together with [China Harbour Engineering- the company contracted to develop Ela Beach], and we had 250 plus rubbish bags…[full of] plastic.

“we have a brand new beach…but we have a big problem with plastics.

“People are still dumping plastics!”

Both Government and non-government Organizations JICA, CEPA, World Vision and NCDC have stepped up their game; conducting regular ‘Clean Up Campaigns’ across the city, and most recently NCDC introduced it’s pilot Clean Up project in Boroko. Governor Parkop has however expressed great disappointment in a lack of collaboration from many city residents. He said: “The simple things that I expect people to do is this:

“Stop chewing [betelnut] and spitting here and there like stupids!

“and two; we got to change…respect our city…respect ourselves, and stop littering.”

The NCD Governor has said in the past and continues to reiterate his vision for a cleaner, safer and plastic-free city.

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