National Service Policy: Creating Useful Citizens

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill saysthe government plans to introducethe National Service Policy.


This will help to reducethe number of street kids asthey will be put into special training or given jobs to makethemselves useful citizens.

This was announced by Mr. O’Neill during his visit to Hisiu village inthe Kairuku District overthe weekend.


Atthe rally in Hisiu village, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who isthe People National Congress Party Leader, spoke highly of his candidate, Paru Aihi. He said when formingthe government in 2012, he approached lLeaderswho could help him formthe government and implement policies that could transformthe lives of ordinary Papua New Guineas. He did approach Mr. Aihi and his contributions resulted inthe K700 million allocated for the Education Sector.


The National Service Policy that will be introduced in 2015 is no exception, as Mr. O’Neill says it will reducethe number of street kids and makethem useful intheir communities.


He futher explained thatthe next few years will be challenging for the people of Kairuku Hiri andthe country as a whole and urged public servants to work harder to implement much ofthe government’s development plans. He also urgedthe people to choose good lLeaderswho will help him to achieve this.


An issue close tothe heart ofthe Kairuku people, isthe buai issue. Most ofthem becoming victims of abuse by buai sellers. The former Member echoedthe people’s plea and it was fortunate for them asthe Prime Minister was present to give his assurance.

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