NHC Issues Titles to 800 Owners

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) today issued over half of the 800 titles to genuine home owners.

Managing Director for National Housing Corporation, John Dege, said it was a long overdue process that should have been done by previous management. But now, under his leadership, he has prioritized it.


A handful of the titles holders came to receive their titles after waiting for over 20 years.


Housing has always been a major concern for many Papua New Guineans. Many have lost their homes to fraudulent land deals that have resulted in strings of evictions, bringing the National Housing Corporation under the microscope.


But since taking office, Managing Director John Dege has focused on improving the tainted image of the government’s key housing organization, starting with getting all the proper home owner titles under the different Housing Schemes in order.


A handful of the title holders came to be part of the occasion. They said they struggled for over 20 years to get their titles, a process that would have taken only 6 months under normal conditions.


Most of them were public servants and others represented their parents who had passed on while struggling to do gain ownership of their homes.


Mr Dege said of the 815 titles, over half were issued with NCD having the highest number of titles issued. These are residential leases that are have a time span of up to 99 years.


He said NHC has successfully secured two under developed portions of land, with hopes to provide affordable housing for Papua New Guineans.

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