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January 22, 2022

National Haus Krai – Day1

The nationwide demonstration for an end to crimes against women ‘Haus Krai’ has commenced in Port Moresby last tonight.

WomenOrganizer saysthey are determined to get solutions to a crime that has almost been condoned in PNG

The initiative was created byWomen Ariseafterthe country experienced an alarming number of violent crimes against women in recent times – crimes resulting in accusations of withchcraftocrimes of rape and murder;the well-known case of Kepari Leniata andthe rape of U.S scientistoamongst thers.

The event is a symbolic one – mourningthe lives of women who have perished under inhumane actions.Women Arisehas a message: &ldquothey will not be forgotten”.

“Haus Krai” will be held throughoutthe country, with confirmed venues in ther provinces. Eventhe Department of Personnel Management has issued a circular for all public servants releasingthem to attendthe Haus Krai tonight and tomorrow.

Atthe same time, Central Governor Kila Haoda has called on government to establish a womens institution to address women issues atthe national level.

The haus krai event will continue till tomorrow where,Women Ariseand all groups expecPM :’Neill to collecttheir “Call for Action” statement. The cause is also expected to draw debate in parliament.


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