National Alliance Pledges K50,000 to Paramana United Church

The National Alliance party has pledged fifty thousand kina tothe Paramana United Church inthe Central province.


The donation was in recognition for the efforts displayed bythe locals in building a house for the local Eben-Ezer church pastor without any government involvement.

Former Prime Minister, Governor for East Sepik andthe National Alliance Party leader Sir Michael Somare officiated atthe house’ opening and commendedthe locals for their self-reliance.


Sir Michael Somare was given a chiefly welcome upon arrival at Paramana Village, in Central Province. He was met by his longtime friendand Abau MP, Sir Puka Temu.


Locals flocked tothe main village arena to withness his arrival. Sir Michael was accompanlied by Maprik MP and fellow National Alliance member John Simon, as well as Party President Walter Schnaubelt.


The East Sepik Governor was in Paramana overthe weekend to officially openthe local Eben-Ezer United Church’s ‘Numapara’ or Pastor’s house.


Sir Puka gavethe official welcome note. He was impressed withthe locals for raisingthe financesthemselves to buildthe house.


“The size ofthe primary school teacher’s house andthe aid-post are small compared to this pastor’s house…and that’sthe way we put God first,” said Temu.

National Alliance party president Walter Schnaubelt commendedthe locals for their self-reliance. He said this clearly indicated thatthere is unity inthe community. Financial support wasthen made to carry out initiativesthe community may have for their church.


“We acknowledge and respectthe people for their initiative towardsthe work ofthe church…and wethe National Alliance make a commitment of fifty-thousand kina to supportthe work ofthe Paramana United Church andthe community,” said Schnaubelt.

Sir Michael was also impressed withthe locals for raising more than one hundred thousand kina towardsthe project. He pledged twenty thousand kina fromthe East Sepik Governor’s office, and also made a personal donation of ten thousand kina tothe church on behalf of his family.


Sir Michael and fellow gueststhen officially openedthe pastor’s house.


The original pastor’s house was demolished early this year. It was constructed sometime inthe 1980s. The house was built firstly becausethe old one had deteriorated, and secondly to prepare for the 2013 East Papua United Church Synod Conference to be staged in Paramana this month.


Locals contributed in cash and kind. They raised over 100 thousand kina, of which 80 thousand was used to buildthe house. Local labor was used, withthe involvement of local unemployed youths.

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