Naru: Government to Improve Lae Fire Service Online

Morobe Governor, Kelly Naru, on Monday raised concerns over the spate of fires that have destroyed business assets in Lae in the past few months.

He says the National Government and the Minister responsible for the PNG Fire Service to improving the capability of the fire service in Lae City.

On Saturday fire fighters struggled to put out this fire at the pelgens wholesale warehouse, they struggled to contain a huge fire with just three fire fighters forcing bystanders without protective gear to help out.

On Monday, Morobe Governor, Kelly Naru, has called on the National Government to allocate some of the 437.4 million kina put to Lae as an industrial hub, into improving the fire service.

“I want encourage the National Government to prioritise funds for the Lae Fire Service,”he says.

It comes three days after the Pelgens fire that destroyed Datec and Trans part International, several weeks ago Brian Bell Home centre burnt down and the beginning of this month when the G4S security build and Nuigini Drug Wholesale was also destroyed by fire.

The Governor made it clear that he will support any proposal ensuring fire safety for citizens and businesses but all factors must be covered.

But for the business owner and executive operating Pelgens, Theo Pelgens, have already raised concerns, from the incompetency of the fire service to the frequent blackouts.

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