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NAQIA working on Preventative Measures against African Swine Fever

By Godwin Eki – EMTV News, Port Moresby

The National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA) has taken steps to prevent the African Swine Fever from entering the country.

This virus has already reached China, and there are concerns it may eventually end up in Papua New Guinea if proper protection measures are taken ALONG PNG’s borders.

Working in conjunction with other line agencies, NAQIA is leading efforts to prevent African Swine Fever from crossing over into PNG.

African Swine Fever, a disease that originated in Africa, is slowly spreading around the globe. The fever virus is already thought to have reached Europe, and has been detected on PNG’s doorstep – in the South East Asia Region.

Papua New Guinea’s quarantine watchdog, NAQIA, fears if no action is taken, the African Swine Fever could make its way into PNG. Of particular concern has been the detection of the virus in China, which could affect thousands of pigs.

Since October, NAQIA has taken extra emergency steps to carry out specific tasks to detect any potential entry points for the virus into the country – much of this has been at the country’s international sea-ports. There has also been increased surveillance on people travelling into the country, via air and sea, with increased measures taken especially regarding food products brought into the country – this is being done in collaboration with PNG Customs Service.

Ships coming into the country carrying imported food products will be checked thoroughly, at every port, as part of a precautionary approach.
NAQIA has also explained to look out for.

Explaining the signs and symptoms of the African Swine Fever, NAQIA has begun its awareness on the African Swine Fever through mainstream Media, and also by working closely with border provinces.

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