Nanyang Group Limited Aims to Lift Housing Standards in Papua New Guinea

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By Godwin Eki – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Chinese Investors of Nanyang Group Limited, a new home developer says they are happy to stay and develop land and to build affordable homes for Papua New Guinean families. Around six to eight thousand houses will be built with first phase to see the construction of eight hundred and thirty six homes.

Director for Nanyang Group Limited, Andy Chen, says the housing scheme is already available for Papua New Guineans through Bank South Pacific.

Following the Launch of North Lakes Estate, investors have told EMTV News that they are here to stay and develop the land by building affordable homes for PNG families in order to lift the living standards. Chen says the plan is to almost build a city with in a city where vital services such as health, Education, law and order and such to be implemented.

Commercial buildings will be built for business and recreational areas for families as well as sporting fields and other entertainment areas for residents and visitors of North Lake Estate to enjoy but at the same time feel safe.

Andy says home ownership scheme is already made available by the Government through BSP for individuals willing to purchase a home.
Managing Director, Jack Zheng, says the houses range from a standalone house to double stories.

Nanyang Group Limited has partnered to see its homes on the market with Century 21 real estate agent. Those willing to find out on North Lake Estate can contact Century 21 real Estate.

Godwin Eki

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Godwin Eki
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