Nagada Settlers Clash Update

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The Madang Provincial Administrator, Daniel Aloi, met with the Nagada settlers again today, with the presence of the Madang police following the ethnic clash last week that instigated from the death of a Sepik man.

The Administrator in his previous visit right after the clash, asked the Nagada settlers to come up with constructive ideas to ensure a clash as such doesn’t happen again.

Meeting the settlers again today, the settlers’ leaders presented a petition stating their ideas.

“Responding to your petition, I will let you appoint leaders to represent your communities, who will then be responsible to talk to us. You must cooperate with them because we will only respond to them,” said Aloi.

Aloi however made it very clear, that the issue is serious and falls under law and order, and his administration will make sure the police are equipped to put an end to such matters.

The Madang Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector Jacob Singura, also addressed the settlers, and appealed for peace to be restored.

“Madang has carried a bad reputation for far long enough. We’ve got to look back at ourselves and ask why we’re in Madang,” Chief Inspector Singura said.

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