Mussau’s Vuku Kkinari Hymn Book

The perception of the once known ‘devils paradise’ island of Mussau, Mural Local Level Government, in New Ireland Province, changed during the first Missionary contact in 1931, from the Seventh Day Adventists Church.

Captain Gilbert McLaren wasn’t welcomed but his singing talent, producing angelic voice, “Anywhere in Jesus I can Safely Go”, that touched hearts of many, islanders repented and converted as God’s children.


It’s a prime example God’s Power in the Living Word and music that caused radical and lasting change, as explained by elder Tom Gilis.


Singing has been the Mussau people’s key identity for many years, wonderful music produced by the islanders.


For youths like Laverne, it’s a learning opportunity that cannot be missed; in this twenty-first century full of challenges, relating to the preservation of Papua New Guinea’s rich culture and traditional ways.


Speaking in an interview with EMTV on the new hymn book written in the Mussau language called ‘Vuku Kkinari; Miss Tom said, preservation through music is vital for the future generations. 


Local MP Ben Micah acknowledged the missionary’s effort including Summer Institute of Linguistics, for compiling this hymn book that took almost 20 years.

The Vuku Kinari will be launched tomorrow at Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby.


Several hymns will be sung in Mussau’s 800 languages by Murat and Pacific Adventists University’s Solomon Islands groups.

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