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Mul Baiyer District Acquitts 2017 Spending

By Godwin Eki – EMTV News, Port Moresby


Mul-Baiyer MP, Koi Trappe and his administration today (22 November, 2018) handed in their acquittals for 2017 to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development.

DIRD’s Acting Secretary, Aihi Vaki, said the district is one that has always been consistent with its acquittal updates and thanked the member for Mul-Baiyer and his administration for an up-to-date delivery of the 2017 Acquittals.

Officers from DIRD, who visited the district this year, said they were very impressed at how funds for the district were being rolled out, to accommodate for basic service delivery to the people, and the development of the district.

Member Trappe, during his discussions of the acquittals, told DIRD that most of the funds for the district were mainly used on projects that are necessary.

He says the successful delivery of acquittals on time come downs to how well the administration works, and that there other plans to implement more projects where the people can be involved and at the same time, develop the district.

Plans to negotiate other business projects in the district are currently in discussions. While, health, educations, and government services into the district are of high importance, farming projects are also expected to be implemented to engage farmers.

Starting next year, following the 2019 National budget, which was handed down last Tuesday, the government has opted to transfer administration of DSIP funds down to DIRD for accountability and transparency and most importantly for good governance.

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