Morobe Governor Condemns Attack on Trekkers

Morobe Governor Kelly Naru has vowed to focus his energy to assist in capturingthe Beack Cat Trail attackers.


Governor Naru strongly condemnedthe incident and called it an attack onthe people of Morobe Province.

He saidthe incident has dampened attempts in addressing law and order issues inthe province, and has called for a combined effort fromthe community to capturethe suspects.


“I condemnedthe attack inthe strongest terms. This is an attack onthe people of Morobe andthe good abiding citizens of Morobe province. We cannot tolerate this kind of criminal activity in our area,” said Naru.

The Beack Cat Trail is a revenue generator for many ofthe locals engaged as porters and guides for tourists.


Now this significant economic contributor tothe province’s purseis in jeopardy.


Australia has already put a ban on all travels to Papua New Guinea


Governor Naru saidthey have to work to rebuild confidence inthe industry again.


“We will be out to promote our tourism industry and to promote Morobe as a good tourist destination both locals and foreigners,” he said.

Meanwhile, Governor Naru has thankedthe Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for quickly responding tothe attack by dispatching a chopper to monitorthe area.


Mr O’Neil has also instructedthe Commissioner to dispatch a mobile squad unit to handlethe situation.


Governor Naru said he will devote his energy to work with Belolo MP Sam Besil, Police andthe community to catchthe suspects.

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