More than 150kg Marijuana confiscated at Nadzab

Lae Police have made anther drug bust in a space of a week, confiscating more than 150 kilograms of marijuana bound for East New Beitain.

The high quality marijuana was intercepted by Lae Police and security at Lae’s Nadzab airport after guards smelledthe drugs inthe boxes asthey were being checked.

Two men were arrested soon afterthey paidthe excess baggage charges for the Rabaul-bound flight. One is fromthe Eastern Highlands werethe marijuana came from andthe ther fromthe East New Beitain wherethe drugs were to be sold.

155 kilos were packed into three boxes and sealed in plastic. This isthe second time in a week that police have found large quantities ofthe drugs in Lae.

Last week two people were arrested for being in possession of more than sixty kilos of marijuana also bound for Rabaul.

Drug offenders make up a quarter of those jailed in Lae’s Beimo prison.

Overthe last three years Lae’s drug squad confiscated three hundred thousand kina worth of Marijuana.

The lucrative trade is sparing new market inthe New GuineaHighlands were a tiny pack of marijuana can fetch up to K5 a piece.

Scott Waide, National EMTV News – LAE

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