More Spin-offs for Ramu

More spin-off business activities inthe Ramu Nickel Mine in Madang Province have been relinquished tothe people.

Fourteen ofthem altogther,they include chromite transportation, road maintenance and construction of relocation houses.

The 14 new business activities would be in addition to 15 existing activities off loaded to landowner companies Kurumbukari Limited, Wass Matau Limited and Maigari Limited.

The activities include: Chromite Transportation, Fuel Cartage, Road Maintenance, Rehabilitation Work and Construction of relocation houses

All landowner companies including Besamuk Enterprise Limited will be contracted to deliver onthese activities by providing trucks to transport Chromite and fuel and also provide ther machinery for civil works.

Existing business activities which KBe, Wass Matau Ltd and Maigari Ltd are contracted to deliver include: Transported of general cargo, Civil Works, Civil Works – Maigari Ltd and Civil Works – Wass Matau.

Spokesperson for the four landowner associations and chairman for Coastal PipelineLandowner Association Steven Saud saidthese are some ofthe expected outcomes.

Acting Managing Director ofthe Mineral Resources Authority Philip Samar said it is fair enough for the landowners to have a share ofthe benefits fromtheir resources.

The Ramu Nico mine produces nickel and cobalt and is managed by a Chinese company called MCC Ramu Nico Limited based in China.

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