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More elimination in Manus counting

More candidates in Manus were being eliminated after each round as counting continues in the province.

For the Manus Provincial after count 9, results are as follows;

In the Manus Provincial Michael Sapau (THE Party) is in the lead with 5235 votes, followed closely by Charlie Benjamin (PNC) with 5044 votes and Wep Petrus Kanawi (Independent) with 2911.

Nine out of the eighteen candidates for Manus Provincial got eliminated after each round.

In yesterday’s count, Moses Kanawi Taian Meta for PANGU Pati got eliminated after round one. In round two saw Independent candidate Rose Pakop Kalana eliminated and also another Independent candidate Rachael Silas eliminated after round three.

This time in after round four Paul Masta of People’s Resource Awareness Party got eliminated. PNG Constitutional Democratic Party, Gabriel Saiau Popat was eliminated after round five. Independent candidates, John Mula Namun got eliminated after round six, and Charles Synell eliminated after round seven. From People’s Heritage Party, Keliwin Kosumon Sasa got eliminated after round eight, while a PNG Party candidate was eliminated after round nine.

This brings the total running candidate from 18 to 9 candidates still running for the seat.

For the Manus Open Electorate results after count 10 are as follows;

In the Manus Open Electorate Job Pomat (PNC) is leading with 4474, followed by Ronny Knight (New Generation Party) with 3528 votes and Leslie Roai (People’s Progress) with 3373 votes.

Out of the 21 candidates for the Manus Open electorate, a total of 10 candidates were eliminated and 11 are still in the running for the seat.

These two Independent candidates, Henry Ali Kombil (eliminated in round two) and Elijah Sipiau (eliminated in round one) were the first to be eliminated yesterday.

In the recent count, the following candidates got eliminated after count 10.

Pious Posaii Papi an Independent candidate was eliminated after round three.  In round four, Ruth Francis of People’s Awareness Party got eliminated. After round five, an Independent candidate, Hebert Lot Boyap got eliminated. Kachialau Pondrelei Francis who is also an Independent was eliminated after round six while round seven saw another Independent candidate, Charles Kanamon Pondros eliminated. A People’s Freedom Pati candidate, Mark Joseph Kelep got eliminated after round eight and People’s Party candidate Parai Kanawi Tamei was eliminated after round nine; and in round ten, another Independent candidate Abraham Bondaluk got eliminated.

Meantime, counting for the province continues today.

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