Mom with Hydrocephalus child seeks help from public

A one year old boy is suffering from a medical condition called hydrocephalus or water inthe brain.

His mther is unemployed and has turned tothe streets to seek financial assistance to cover medical expenses.

Little Rex Natema was on his mther’s lap,the sight of his oversize head made passers-by stop for a second glance.

Those with change to spare gave. Generallythere was genuine pity for Rex.

He is suffering from a medical condition called hydrocephalus. It’s a condition in whichthe primary characteristic is excessive accumulation of fluid inthe brain – a clear fluid that surroundsthe brain and spinal cord.

This result in an abnormal widening of spaces inthe brain called ventricles. The widening creates potentially harmful pressure onthe tissues ofthe brain.

Rex’s mther says he was born normal but some months later his head started swelling. It’s painful, sometimes at night he hardly sleeps.

He has been operated on but anther scan is needed.

Atthe moment number of people who develop hydrocephalus or who are currently living with it is difficult to establish. Estimates, report one to two of every 1,000 babies are born with hydrocephalus.

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