Modilon General Hospital Reopens

by Rachel Shisei – EM TV, Madang

The Modilon General Hospital opened its outpatient’s services to the Madang public today.

Authorities said this is because most suspects involved in the kidnapping, of two of the hospitals doctors, have been apprehended by police.

The authorities also made known that a peace and reconciliation ceremony will be taking place between the villagers of Bom 3 village, the village where the doctors were kidnapped and brought to, and the hospital staff members.

Madang's Jomba Police StationThe peace and reconciliation process is a symbolic event to restore peace. All parties involved in the ceremony believe it will bring a peaceful reopening of the hospital to the public, including the Bom villagers, where they feel they can receive treatment from the hospital without fear.


The Madang police are expected to be present, to witness the ceremony.

The Bom three village Ward Member has been engaged in discussions with the hospital regarding the matter, and an agreement has now been finalised to have the peace and reconciliation ceremony on the 24th of June.

In the meantime, the community in Madang, at the hospital, and also nationals from other provinces have expressed positive response via social media, toward the Madang police, for fast tracking the arrests of the suspects involved in the kidnapping.

Comments from the public included statements like “if the Police hadn’t been quick, everyone else would have to suffer, because of the hospital’s closed doors.”

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