Modilon Doctors Attack: The Two Doctors’ Account

by Rachel Shisei – EM TV, Madang

Two surgical doctors of the Modilon General Hospital, in Madang, were kidnapped by a group of six men, at around 6 pm yesterday.

These two doctors were kidnapped at the Kalibobo lighthouse, after work. Remarkably, the Doctors are able to recount every detail, from the incident, to the police. 

Both doctors told the police that they were thrown into one of the Doctor’s car and driven to Erima. They were then taken to Jiva Village, through a dirt road some kilometres off the main road, with both their hands and legs tied to their backs.

The Doctors said, the six men stopped near a bridge on the way, and picked up another three men; then continued a bit further down the dirt road before stopping.

They were then forced to walk some 600 metres into the bush from the dirt road. The doctors were then pushed to the ground, urinated on, with one of them stripped naked. The doctors were threatened by the kidnappers, saying “they were dead men”. 

One of the doctors said while this was happening, part of the group said they would use on the Doctors’ vehicle to rob the Puma Energy Service Station, and left. The remaining men took the doctors, and then proceeded to spread a canvas, and while doing so, spoke of murdering the doctors, and taking them to the bridge to be dumped there.

One of the doctors was cut by a knife, on his back. Unknowing to the kidnappers, the knife had also cut through the rope that the men had used to bind his hands. When feeling that his hands were free, he forced himself up and dashed into the bushes away from the kidnappers, calling out to his colleague to run free. 

The two ran in opposite directions in the dark through the thick bushes, with only the thought of escaping.

Both men made their way to the dirt road, one seeking refuge with a family and the other with the security guards of a logging camp nearby.

One of the Doctors, who sought refuge with a family, used their mobile phone and alerted his family, who in turn alerted the police.

By then, the group of men who assigned to rob the Puma Energy Service Station were done and were seen returning to the place where the doctors were kept. The Doctor who was with the family, recognised his vehicle which the criminals were driving. He alerted the police who were nearby.

The police went after the suspects but their vehicle’s sirens alerted the thugs who jumped out of the vehicle and into the bushes, with the money stolen from the service station.

One of the doctors was later picked up by the police and taken home at around 12 midnight, while the other one remained with the guards of the logging camp until daybreak, before making his way back.

The Modilon General Hospital’s operations have stopped indefinitely following the incident, until further notice to come from the authorities.

No suspects have been apprehended as yet, but police have investigated the crime scene and interviewed witnesses till 8pm last night. Police have said that they will continue until the suspects are caught and brought in.

The public is advised to stay free from trouble and away from danger during the Madang show. This is as the hospital’s operations have been disturbed by the latest events involving two of their staff. 

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