Misuse of Firearms by Police a Growing Concern

By Theckla Gunga – EM TV, Port Moresby

Professionals in Papua New Guinea, including prominent public servants, are coming forward to express their concerns about the misuse of firearms by police, not only in Port Moresby, but throughout the country.

This afternoon, members of the Maus Gras Golf Club met with families of the two deceased men at Hanuabada village and presented food items and 6,000 kina to show their sorrow.    

One of the victims is the grandson of Dadi Toka Senior, a member of the Maus Gras Golf Club.

While expressing their sorrow, the members called on the government to look at the Hanuabada killings seriously.

They said while guns are a part of the police uniform, over the years, police have misused their purpose.

Much emphasis was made on the change in the police ministry by former Police Minister, Bire Kimisopa, in 2004, where he recommended the disarming of the police force to the National Government.

The recommendation would have seen high powered rifles, like the M16, removed from police officers with exceptions being made for pistols.

The club and the majority of Hanuabada villagers are now calling on the government to implement the 2004 recommendation, which they say has gone unnoticed until now.

Following this afternoon’s meeting, the Motu Koita Way Forward Committee will be presenting their petition to the Prime Minister at Parliament House tomorrow.

Chairman of the Committee, Ako Kari, when accepting the food items and money presented to them, thanked the club and said while the families of the deceased have made a stand to forgive the shooters, the announced independent coronial inquiry must continue so justice will prevail.

The petition, which is currently being signed by villagers, is expected to reach 5,000 signatures tomorrow.

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